July 11, 2011

I Don't Ask for Much From My Baby

We met the other speech therapist today. To sum up, in her educated opinion, our child is immature, spoiled and a late talker. She put it more diplomatically than that, but that's the gist of it. Because his play behaviour is so behind (she put him at behaving like a 15-18 month old - which I agree) she believes there is "something else" but not ASD, luckily.
Also, because of his persistence in walking with his arms up, hands often clenched, and general clumsiness, we're looking at mild Cerebral Palsy.

And just to be clear, because I think people probably bring too many of their own personal issues into these things when they read my reports/updates/speculations:

**I don't love my son any less. I don't think of him any differently. He does not become a disease, disability or label suddenly. I don't care what he has or doesn't have, nor do I care how it was caused (since I can't change or fix that now), I only really want to know so we can provide him with the best care and opportunities possible.**

Well-meaning people have already said too many stupid things to me - it's not about me worrying or wanting him to become a genius with three Ph.D.'s and find a cure for cancer. I'm not thinking that far. I want him to be as happy and healthy as possible now, so he can reach *his* full potential, whatever that is.

You have to remember, he is my fourth "baby." I gave up all that shit about expectations a long time ago. When he was born, I cried because I was so happy he was ALIVE. And that's still how I see my life with him.

He's alive.

I don't ask for very much from my baby.

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