August 25, 2012

I Make No Excuses

It happens now and then that adults are introduced to my son and he reacts in a non-neurotypical way. He gets excited, he jumps, he flaps, he shrieks - he's happy. This does not bother me.

However, I can see the adults looking at me, searching my face for answers. I smile at him, I smile at them. They look at me, almost in a, "he's acting weird, doesn't she notice?" way.

I have thought about this pivotal moment many times and what I should say, if anything. I have thought of saying, "he's on the spectrum" and smiling, but then I wonder what that would really accomplish.

I also have to consider the fact that he can hear what I'm saying, that I'm making an explanation or excuse for his behaviour. What will he think of that?

Unless he is misbehaving (and by that I mean behaving badly, not behaving differently) I don't have a problem with what he does, even if it is "weird" or different. So I make no excuses.

If I am asked, I can explain. Otherwise, if I can accept him as he is, so can you.

t-shirt while you were busy staring at my son wondering what was wrong with him on
While you were busy staring at my son wondering what was wrong with him, I was thinking the same thing about you and your manners.

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