August 14, 2012

Out The Mouths of Babes

I am a beach bum and I'm happy my son inherited my love of the sand and sea. Maybe it's because I took him to Barbados when he was only 3.5 months old or maybe it's in his genes. I don't know, but I'm glad he likes the heat and water like I do.

We've also taken family vacations to Florida three times so far and plan to go back at Christmas. I keep a magnet and postcard of Fort Lauderdale beach up on our fridge to remind us of good times and weather. Recently, the Little Man has been demanding to see them and he points at them and says, "beach! Go now!"

One evening, we decided to talk to him more about it. He was adamant and persistent, without getting frustrated (good on him!) to get us to understand what he was saying. After a lot of jumbled, incomprehensible sentences came out of him, we broke it down from the beginning.

He said, "beach. Me happy and Dada happy."
Ok, but what about Mama? Wasn't she happy, too?
"No," he said. "Grandpa go in wawa, say 'Bye-bye!'"

Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe what came out of his mouth!

Fighting back tears, I said, "yes, you're right. We put Grandpa in the water and said 'Bye-Bye.' Mama was sad."
"Go see Grandpa!" he demanded.
"No, we can't see Grandpa. He's dead. Maybe he can see you right now, but you can't see him. You can see his picture...."
And by then he was distracted by something else.

It's just amazing because the Little Man is almost three now and he's talking about my sister and I pouring my father's ashes in the sea in Barbados when he was just 16.5 months old.

He sat on the beach and played in the sand while my hubby watched him and took pictures of the whole event.
There he is playing happily. Who would have thought his brain was busy burning this memory into his brain?
It's amazing and I'm glad he remembers this and his Grandpa.

Just goes to show, you never know what will come out the mouths of babes :)

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  1. That is awesome! You can never nderestimate what they understand. Beautiful blog


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