July 29, 2012

4am Doorbells

There's been A LOT going on, but I haven't written in a month. It's mostly because The Little Man started daycare at the beginning of June, I went away for six days to Cold Lake, Alberta and he weaned when I got back (at 32.5 months!). Then I started a new job, where I spend all day doing Internet Marketing. Suffice to say, I'm not always into sitting in front of a computer in the evenings when I get home. I'm also having a lot of problems with my old car and wondering if we should just live car less.
Oh and the Little Man had his endoscopy to test for celiac last week - a whole other post entirely if I get around to it - but yeah, I'm a little stressed.

He probably picked it up from the hospital, but now the Little Man has a runny nose and fever. This is usually how he gets sick - a fever first with no other symptoms, then a runny nose and it's over. Or a runny nose and then a fever and it's over. Always a low-grade fever and always lots of snot. He's a pretty consistent man, so I don't usually have to worry. Anyway, he started with the sneezing and runny nose on Friday and sure enough, 4am Saturday morning he crawled next to me in bed, burning up. I gave him some Advil and lay down in bed with him to get him back to sleep. Not a great sleep for me, but a mommy's gotta do and a mommy's gotta do.

I gave him medication before bed last night (Saturday) and I knew it would wear off around 5am. I woke up, wide awake at 4am to the sound of a doorbell. Not a real doorbell, but a doorbell in my head. This doorbell phenomenon happens to me when I know I'm supposed to be up and somewhere at a certain time. Or maybe when I'm just stressed in general.

I read a study about hearing "phantom phones" and apparently it's a sign of hypervigilance, but I haven't heard about hearing phantom doorbells. Does this happen to anyone else? Or maybe a different noise wakes you up and gets you into action?

Whatever the cause, my super mommy brain woke me up and I went to check on my sleeping, sick child. His forehead was not burning up, luckily. He's not hearing things, he's not stressed, he's not worried. Mommy should take a hint and go back to sleep :)

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