October 10, 2009


Whew, getting out of the house is a small victory!

We went out Monday, when he was 5 days old and that was an adventure. I think it was a little early for that, but I just had to get out. Thursday we took a walk and that went much smoother. I went out by myself yesterday - ran to the Atwater Market and got back in 40 minutes. And today, my seestor drove us over to see our dad. That was also a success and the new grandpa was all smiles. It's the sweetest thing. I swear, my dad could keel over tomorrow and I would be happy knowing he at least got to see a grandson. I haven't seen him this happy in ages.

And me, I'm happy. A bit sleep deprived right now, but happy. Not sure how long this high is supposed to last, but I wake up happy (many times a night) and am singing and humming and smiling and happy to have my body - for the most part - back. I know I am lucky and am grateful. I am sappy and in love and it's the best.

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