October 10, 2009

New Clothes AGAIN?

I swear to Krashnu, if my mom makes another comment about the quality of my milk or breast feeding, she is getting squirted in the eye.

I think she's jealous it's working for me when it didn't work for her...not that I believe she really tried anyways.

In other news, I need new clothes *again*. Despite my waistline being almost back to pre-pregnancy size, my hips have expanded, so my maternity pants are actually kinda tight. And my boobs have exploded even more than they did during pregnancy, so many of my tops don't fit. (Never in my life did I imagine I'd find a shirt that didn't fit my boobs. Usually my boobs are lost in the shirt. I've now gone from A34 to C36. This is ridiculous.)

Do I get to keep these boobs, btw? Though I think a B would be sufficient. I'd like to sleep on my stomach again.

Oh, in more positive news, I was able to lay down flat on top of Hubby, no belly in the way since what feels like an eternity. It was pure bliss. We made out and it felt like we were dating again.

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