January 17, 2012

The Great Multi-Lingual Failure

Finally figured out that the Little Man is counting in Spanish, except he says "una" (possibly mixing with French "une"). Great. Serves me right for doing this multi-lingual experiment. He and my mom can have secret Spanish conversations behind my back now.

He calls the Pontipines on In The Nightgarden, "MeeMees" which makes sense. At least he's not calling them fart noises.

He says "oui, "ja" and "yesh." "Oui" and "ja" are understandable, but I don't know why he says, "yesh." He must be having secret language lessons from Swedes or maybe Sir Sean Connery?

I feel like I may have failed at introducing too many languages because I can no longer decipher what language or mix of languages are coming out of my child's mouth. I need him to speak ONE clearly, at least!

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