February 03, 2012

Things No One Told Me

A compilation of things no one told me before I had a kid:

-It takes forever to do the simplest things. Simple things like eating a bagel or taking a shower now get interrupted constantly.
-I tell my husband lovingly romantic things before bed like, "watch out, there might be Thomas trains on your side," or "he peed a bit on the bed somewhere and I didn't get a chance to change the sheets, so here's a towel to lie on."
-It can be ridiculously difficult to keep a straight face or discipline when kids do something they're not supposed to but that is absolutely genius.
-That my son would sob and cry big tears when his favorite show on TV ends.
-If you really don't want to and work at it, you won't sound like your parents.
-You build up a tolerance to crying and screaming over time.
-Sometimes you have to pay to be alone.
-The love I feel for my child can be so powerful, it sometimes scares me.

What are your revelations?

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