February 06, 2012

You Don't Need to Talk to Lie

I was surprised today when after I caught my son pouring his chocolate Pediasure all over the floor, he lied when I asked him who did it. At first he just looked away and pretended not to hear me, but I asked again. I asked a few times. Finally he "said," "swish, swish, " which is his way of saying, "drink." Even without being able to talk, he was still able to lie. I told him, "no, the cup did not make the mess, you made the mess!" and he started giggling. He's cheeky that one!
Still, it's impressive and it shows he understands. Also, if you agree with this small study it's also a mark of intelligence.

In health news, he has grown quite a bit in the last two months. His EEG was normal. I told the psychologist I wasn't interested in using her techniques to get him to eat (bribe him with chocolate or ice cream to make him eat other foods) and she seemed to be offended and left the room. We're working solely with the OT right now and that's helping a lot. We have to commit to doing strengthening exercises with him daily, but it's worth it! They seem to be working!

We go back to see the speech therapist in April and we'll decide then if we need to get a specialist in dysarthria or apraxia. In more positive news, he has started verbalizing, "hi" and "bye" again. He used to only say them to my dad and when he died, he stopped. It's been just over a year and I finally get to hear those words out of his mouth again, though much quieter and shyly. I hope he does not believe that saying those words makes people he loves disappear. This is one thing I have had a very hard time dealing with. I don't want my baby to worry or be sad. 

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