February 19, 2012

Why Me?

The Little Man is almost 29 months old and still makes no two-word utterances other than, 'oh oh' or 'oh no.' If we ask him to make a simple sentence like, 'dada up' he says only either 'dada' or 'up.'

I have days where I want to stick my head in the sand and wish he would wake up the next day suddenly talking. Believe me, the irony in the fact that a linguist has a child who cannot speak is never lost on me. But in some ways, I guess I'm best suited to recognize we needed help and to have an idea of what to do. Even then, it doesn't make it any less frustrating. Part of me wishes I could do more playing with him and fewer exercises. Yes, we still play, but interspersed in that are OT exercises for his mouth and speech therapy. Other mamas don't have to think about intregrating those things into their days. But I guess we all have our issues and I don't want to fall into the, 'why me?' trap. It's hard though, I won't lie. Still, the more we do, the more he improves, though slowly.

Today at lunch he ate half a ham sandwich and a pack of mini Oreos. He's finally chewing and enjoying food. It might not seem like much, but it's a big deal for him and us. I was so happy to clean off his Oreo-covered face and hands. 'That is what a normal 2 year old should look like!' I said. Just happily eating a sandwich and cookies. When it has been such a struggle to get to 'normal' or everyday activities, it's such a celebration.

 In other news, the second blood test he had for celiac came back inconclusive, so we need to have a biopsy of his gut done. It's a quick procedure, but it's done under general anaesthesia, so we'll be at the hospital half a day. It's a three month waiting list, so we're just waiting.


  1. Happy to hear he is eating better. Hope you get the test sooner than later so you can maybe get some answers. Are you guys doing speech therapy too? Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but you are a wonderful mom and the fact you are catching this stuff and helping him out now is really going to help him later.

  2. I experienced somewhat similar issues with my second child. there were numerous eating issues, sensory issues, a ftt diagnose and lots of speech therapy. I remember having that "why can't I just play with my toddler instead of everything being speech therapy and (what felt like) constant correction" feeling. It's tough. Really tough.

    Little victories are still victories. And his victories are yours as well.


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