March 08, 2012

Secrets in the Shower

All sorts of funny things happen when I leave the Little Man unattended, with free reign on the house while I shower.

The other day I left a bag of potatoes on the table, along with the cover to an air filter I was cleaning. When I came out of the shower, this is what I found:

The potatoes would obviously be more comfortable in the air filter cover. The potato bag was nowhere to be found.

Today I was finishing up my shower and heard the clanging of a dish. "Oh no!" I thought, the candy dish. Daddy must have left it within reach on the table.

I grabbed my towel and ran out dripping, to see my candy goblin on the floor, laughing maniacally.

He took them all out of the jar, bit into each one (through the wrapping) and was working on shoving them all back in the jar when I caught him. I thought it was too funny, so I gave him a piece.

I'm leaving them for Daddy to see if he'll still eat them.

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