March 15, 2012

Just Say No to Milk

just say no onequartermama
The Little Man is 29 and a half months today. I'm no longer doing "don't ask, don't refuse," I said no to nursing this morning. I can deal with being a sleepy-time pacifier, but there's no pacifying required in the morning, just habit.

Half the time his latch is off and we're almost totally dry-nursing and quite frankly, it hurts. My boobs are sore and tired. It's not how I thought it would be - that whole "I want my body back" thing people say so much. I have my body back. I don't feel like I ever lost ownership of it. My boobs are just tired and empty. (That sounds like they're depressed. Well, they've lost their reason to live!)

He cried, but I told him he was a big boy and could have a big boy treat. He said he wanted to watch TV. I presume I will have to repeat this process for weeks.

I'm not sure if it sends a mixed-message if he's allowed to nurse at nap and bed time, but I do tell him then also that he's a big boy and doesn't need to, though I don't refuse. I figure he's not developmentally ready to totally soothe himself to sleep yet and he doesn't use an artificial pacifier or suck his thumb. Even after nursing at night, he still gets passed off to Dada for rocking. There's always been something about Dada's arms - Dada has always been the master putter-to-sleeper. Though, if Dada is not around, he's fine and if I'm not around in the morning, he's fine.
People are complex.

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