March 26, 2012

Cake for Breakfast

Awww, Little Man took out his communication book, pointed to a picture of a cupcake and said, "eat?" Then he said, "cake." Luckily, I had two banana muffins left, so he got one for breakfast. I try to reinforce whatever communication he comes up with. To let him know he's understood, I give him what he asks for - even if that does mean "cake" for breakfast. It's ok. I also have a batch of pumpkin muffins in the freezer. I'll make some carrots ones and maybe chocolate zucchini. He's forced to eat veggies whether he likes it or not.

In other news, I converted the crib into a bed. He spent the first few days getting up but not opening the door to his room; just standing there knocking on it and saying, "out!"
Hubby opened the door and he said, "oh!" so now he knows he can open it, climb onto Mama and Dada's bed and sit on top of a tired Mama while giggling maniacally. Great. That's why I had hesitated in transitioning. It was great when he was locked up in the crib. However, he recently started jamming his legs through the bars in an effort to escape and he got wicked bruises.
So yeah, now he runs into my room at 9am or so. I need to get to bed earlier.

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