April 13, 2012

Little Boys Smell Like Grass and Worms

I'd always wanted a little boy. I just prefer them. I know a lot of women say they don't know how to relate to a little boy; how they're loud, dirty, full of energy and never sit still. That's exactly why I love them though!

I think little boys are more likely to break bones or hurt themselves in general, but little girls get into trouble doing more devious things. I think they also whine more. Nevertheless, I think I knew what I was getting into before I had my boy and it's everything I expected to be.

I love how he goes out to the park and digs in the dirt. I love how he walks home, preciously holding on to a special rock or stick he found to give to me. I love how he has the mysterious ability to get grass and dirt in his socks, down his pants and in his ears.

I love how he gets so excited when he sees a truck or a school bus. I love how he runs around with boundless energy but stops periodically to give me a drive-by hug. I love how after all his running around and independence, we still cuddle up and I rock him to sleep for his nap. I kiss his sleepy head and I smell him. He smells like outdoors. He smells like adventure. He smells like grass and worms and it's the best scent in the world. I love it and it's everything I ever wanted. 

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