September 23, 2012

DisAbility - There Must Be An App For That

The Little Man got approved for the Disability Tax Credit, much to both my surprise and joy. He qualifies until 2027. This also means we can open a Registered Disability Savings Plan. We're also allowed to claim as of 2010, so we'd have to resubmit our taxes.

Still haven't heard from QC (not surprised) to see if we are entitled to the Disability Supplement. It would be weird if Canada approved and QC did not, but weirder things have been known to happen. Anyway, it should help because therapy is stupid expensive. It's just weird that the CLSC didn't deem him disabled enough for free services, but the government does. Everyone is reading the SAME report! But whatever. I can't complain. Just have to keep truckin'.

Anyway, I got a 3rd call from an "autism company" - for lack of a better term - these people who like trying to make money off of worried/stressed out/desperate parents. They create these special "programs" off the top of their heads and then try to tell you they're the best. My fault for the initial inquiry I made, but now she keeps calling me. If I wanted her services, I would have called back, no? She was actually still in the running until this last call where she clarified that a speech therapist does NOT in fact work with the child, an "interventionist" does. This interventionist of hers has a degree in Social Science. She does not have a degree in Speech Language Pathology. I was told this was an advantage because it "saves you money!" No, it's not. I explained that I'm happy to save money by buying cheap socks, but speech therapy is not something I want to skimp on. Really lady? And what the fuck does a social science major know about autism?

I'm like 99% sure he's got apraxia. I got an iPad and downloaded like, 3 million free "autism apps" and he's having fun with them. Visual focus is not an issue for him, but active listening can be. Although, I should compare him with neurotypical 3 year olds for that; he's probably not out of the ordinary. He understands everything. It really only seems to be a production issue. I'm gonna look and see if there's an app for that! LOL

He's a week away from his 3rd birthday, which blows my mind. Time flies! It feels like just yesterday his little bald head lay next to me in bed in a puddle of my milk.
He's so lovely. He's like, magical or something. I can't explain it. He just speaks to my soul.

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