September 26, 2012

Halloween is Truly Scary For Girls

I got an email from (a company I really like!) telling me they now have Halloween costumes for kids. Great! I think, now maybe I can find a Toopy and Binoo or pumpkin costume for the Little Man.

Instead I find this:

monster university sexy costume for little girl on

This is apparently a child's costume.

And this:

monster univerity sexy costume for little girl on

Why are these little girls posing this way? In very short skirts?

It makes me happy I don't have a little girl, first of all! But it makes me sad for the lack of choices out there for kids to dress up. Since when did Halloween turn into Dress Like A Skank Day?

UPDATE: My friend sent me this collection of Halloween costumes.

Here's another mom's opinion: Mom Speaks Out!


  1. That's gross :( Often, my girls would get "boy" costumes because even the "girl" costumes are so skimpy.

    Also, Dude, it's OCTOBER and freezing. these skimpy costumes are super impractical.

  2. seriously - sometimes it even snows on Halloween! I don't see how this is good for anyone!

  3. Ah yes, the Monster High characters... ( - G's daughter is very into them right now and buys all the dolls the minute she has the money to get one) The pre-teen answer to Twilight. The only thing I like about it is that they have made purple and black with gothy skulls mainstream cool so that G and his daughter can compromise on certain things (a pink bike with skulls, for example :) ). But yeah, not such a big fan of the skanky outfits the girls wear.


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