October 15, 2012

Y'all Talk Too Slow

I have written many times about accepting my son how he is (here, here and here), but I'll admit, one thing I do not like about Asperger's (and consequently, my husband) is how they talk so slowly and take FOR FREAKING EVER to get to the point of their story. Sometimes it makes me want to die. No really, I have NO PATIENCE. I've been working on it, but I'm a work in progress.

At the very least, I have patience for my son - there is a delay to his responses and he is slow to express himself most days. I have not lost it with him yet, but I fear I will in the future. At some point, he will cease to be cute, small and nice-smelling, with a teeny voice, and turn into a pimply, stinky, gangly teenager, most likely much larger than me. Probably a lot like his father. Will I lose it with him then?

It's a flaw I have in myself. It's a lack of empathy and respect. I know their brains (and mine, as far as I'm concerned) work differently, but I can't always muster those basic things in order to tolerate what I lack patience for. What they have to say is valid, important, insightful, useful. Why can't I just patiently wait for it?

Here are two examples:


 This is very much how the Little Man speaks right now:

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