November 26, 2012

Gluten Free You and Me

hold the gluten free
It's been over a month now since we as a family decided we'd all experiment being gluten-free. We took to it with varying levels of determination. Because of my wheat allergy, I had already avoided a lot of wheat/gluten products, but I cheated a lot and just lived with the consequences. We also made allowances for my mother coming over with cookies for the Little Man and it wasn't right away that we found gluten-free Kraft Dinner. Hubby cheated when he was hungry at work and only has access to the  food court. Eventually we all decided to work a little harder at it.

We stocked up on gluten-free pastas and gave our regular unopened wheat pasta to the food bank, along with the KD. (I know poor people must have enough KD, but I wasn't about to throw it out!)
Most of our recipes weren't an issue and I just had to find desserts and snacks that were GF. I started out buying them because even though they are expensive, I just didn't have time or the ingredients on hand to start reinventing the wheel. Even now, I prefer a GF cake mix and make a cake or brownies about once a week. It's because I'm a dessert fiend! I need cakes and cookies!

We've found GF bread and hamburger buns, but not hotdog buns or bagels. I would really love a GF bagel! Anyone know where to get those?

I was surprised to find even cream of ____ soups had gluten in them! Argh, so frustrating. I figured the amounts are so low in those that we'd finish off what we had and just replace them with GF versions. Or I'll start making more things from scratch, which is better anyway!

Seeing as we've slipped up now and then, I'm really surprised by the results so far. Hubby hasn't had a massive migraine since. None! This is very odd for him since he usually gets one or two a month. He's had headaches, but nothing near as bad and just a few Tylenol fix it. He says he feels good in general, and that he's been less hungry. He may have even lost some weight.

I notice when I slip right away now. My neck aches and then I get a headache. I also get constipated again. It makes me realize that I was living in constant inflammation before and just got used to it, I guess. Which is just nuts when I think about it! I also think gluten makes me tired (along with the headache) so it's really not worth it for me to cheat any more.

We have noticed when we slipped up with the Little Man, he went crazy. Like, off the wall stimming crazy. So it's worth it to avoid it with him and keep him calmer.

It has meant that I am forced to snack on healthier things like bananas and grapes (I love SWEETS) and not worry about the stares I get at restaurants (I ordered a tofu burger without the bun!).

All in all, I think we're all happier (and probably healthier) for it. It has taken a bit more thought, planning and will power (at least for me. It's hard when I see pastries) but it is worth it for us.

I heart gluten free love


  1. Udi's makes great GF bagels -- they tasted better than my memory of regular ones, although granted I don't live in Montreal ;-) -- but I don't know if their products are available in Canada.

    You definitely have to watch out for soups thickened with flour. Also look out for soy sauce (usually made with wheat -- tamari, though, is generally fine) and "modified food starch", which is also sometimes made from wheat.

  2. No Udi's in Canada (though I follow them on FB and hope one day they will come here!)
    We already switched to Braggs quite some time ago because of the sulfites in regular soy sauce and the very small amount of wheat in regular soy sauce gives me wicked gas (holy crap, sorry for the TMI, but seriously!)


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