December 17, 2012

The Line Between Honesty and Privacy

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I've written before about the permanency of the Internet and how I think all bloggers should be careful about what they disclose about themselves and more importantly, their children.

While I believe in being open and honest in my blog (as I am in real life), I also ensure to keep a little bit of me and my family to myself. I believe that is the safest and most respectful thing I can do for myself and my family. So while the stories and experiences I tell are 100% truthful, I do leave out extremely personal details - there's no reason for you to know my address or exact location, for example.

Also, not everything in my life unfolds in the order seen here - I do auto-schedule some posts - partly as a safety measure and partly out of simple practicality. I have limited time in which to write, so in order to keep a consistent schedule (I've been aiming for Mon-Wed-Fri lately) it means I have to write things ahead of time when I have the time.

While I aim to help others on a similar life path as ours with the experiences we have, I also try to write in a way that is respectful to my son and hopefully will not embarrass him in the future. I want him to be able to look back at this blog and see how life was with him from my perspective.

I think most of this should be understandable or obvious to most people, but consider it my little disclosure statement and way to explain and maintain my integrity as a blogger.

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