December 19, 2012

Feverish Conversation

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Over the last two months, the Little Man has been suffering from what seems to be one long virus that won't leave us.

We've had two episodes of fever - the first one was long-lasting but low. This second one is quite high and I'm hoping will only last a day or two. We've taken him to the doctor, but they just say it's the virus that's going around and we have to wait it out. (In between this time, we all got the flu shot, but I don't think it even had a chance to take effect with all this going on!)

Anyway, the funny side effect of the very high fever is the Little Man is talking up a storm. He just won't stop talking. It almost seems like he's drunk or manic. At least he's a happy drunk!

He comments on everything he sees. He says "hi" and "bye" when entering and leaving rooms. It just doesn't stop!

Rather than be annoyed though, I find it funny and quite like it. It gives us a chance to hear just how much he knows and to hear his sense of humour.

At the same time, I wish he didn't feel so crappy. It's no fun being sick, but he's such a trooper.

What weird things do your kids do when they have a fever?

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