December 21, 2012

Cheap and Fun Things to Do Over the Holidays

If you're home with the kids over the holidays and they're driving you up the wall, or you need to keep them busy while travelling and visiting (like we do right now!) then here are some tips to help you  have fun.

  • Don't leave them alone to fend for themselves, do stuff WITH them!

  • I always carry a few crayons and a mini container of modelling clay in my purse. (I got the mini containers from the DollarStore, for real!)

  • If you need ideas, order this:  Creating With Kids Mini-Workshop  - so much fun and inspiration. Bonus points - she breastfeeds in the middle of it without shame! You go girl!

  • Take everyone ice skating - burns off extra energy and is great exercise. Bring along a thermos of hot chocolate to share (see, I'm super cheap!)

  • Gather everyone around for a Christmas carol sing-a-long. 

  • Make sure to involve the kids in any dinner cleaning up/tidying. Keeps them busy and gets the cleaning done faster...sometimes. I make no guarantees! Also serves as a lesson in taking responsibility. See, cheap and educational. I'm winning here!

I could recommend apps or video games, but you know what? The holidays are about spending time together and we have enough electronic stuff in our daily lives (and it's not cheap!)

It doesn't take tons of supplies to entertain the kids, just an open spirit and some creativity.

I wish you fun, peace and health this holiday season. Best wishes from my family to yours!

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