December 26, 2012

Two Tips for Living With a Toddler

If you've thought of these things yourself, well why didn't you tell me about them?! Geez!

If not, I hope these two little tips help make your life a little easier. I feel like a genius for coming up with them!

The first tip is for those adjustable waist pants. These are great, I love them (why can't they make adult sizes?!) but I HATE when the little elastic disappears into the waist of the pants after washing. Makes me crazy. Another tip; to fish it out, I use a pair of tweezers and dig it out. It's a chore, but it works.

Anyway, I came up with a few ways to prevent it from happening in the first place. Either use a safety pin to secure the elastic before washing or just bend the elastic over the button a few times, like this:
onequartermama elastic waist tip
onequartermama elastic pants tip for toddlers

I do it two or three times, just to be safe.
My washing machine is angry at me now for outsmarting it. Ha ha!

Mom: 1
Washing machine: 0

My second tip involves Huggies Bed Mats - they're not just for beds!

We have a futon in the living room and with potty training and the regular spills, I try to protect it. I've had it covered with a water resistant (not waterproof, that would be too crinkly and hot in the summer) cover, but since it's only water resistant, it doesn't protect 100%. So I got the genius idea to cover the cover with Huggies Good Nites Disposable Bed Mats.

onequartermama Huggies Good Nites Disposable Bed Mats at work
From this...

onequartermama Huggies Good Nites Disposable Bed Mats hiding underneath this! And no one is none the wiser!

Surprisingly, they are not crinkly at all, so there's no noise and no one knows we're all sitting on bed mats! Next leak or spill, I just have to wash the cover (which is a wonderful quilt made by my best friend) and change the disposable mats. So happy! 

Disclaimer: Huggies did not compensate me in any way to endorse their product, but I would love it if they did. Yoohoo, Huggies, send me some coupons! I'm over here! Tell Huggies I'm over here writing about them so they send me some free stuff! :)

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  1. Aloha,
    Oh adjustable waistbands, I heart adjustable waistbands. =)
    I've made it my silly little goal to stop by and follow/ say "hey" to every mom on our bloggy mom hop this month. It's so sweet to be on this journey with you.

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    Happy New Years to You and Yours.




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