January 21, 2013

Want iPad!

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The Little Man with his addiction
I wasn't a big fan of the iPad when it first came out. I went for the cheaper Blackberry Playbook first. I liked it and aside from some hardware issues (had to return 3 before I got one that worked!) it is compact and durable - great for little destructive hands.

I did find a few decent apps, but started to learn there were many more educational apps, many specifically for autism, made for the iPad. By now I had more disposable income and decided, silly me, that I would get an iPad to share with the Little Man. I bought it and filled it with educational apps. Some stuff for me, but mostly stuff for him. Oh how naive I was!

Turns out the iPad quickly became his and frankly, I wasn't a fan of its size. When the iPad mini came out, I decided to buy myself one just for ME.
Now I guess we're both addicted.

Speaking of addicted, I tried to cut his usage down, so on Sunday morning he got bored and started saying, "want iPad, want iPad, want iPad, mama, want iPad, iPad READY!, want iPad, want iPad...." over and over again. Hey, at least he's talking!

I said, "no, Little Man, you are addicted!"

He got really angry at me and said, "not dicted!" and pointed to himself, "Little Man," he corrected me. He thought I had changed his name to Addicted and was VERY upset by this.
Omg, I have the cutest kid.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing reviews of our most addictive and helpful apps so I can get you hooked, too :)

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