January 23, 2013

Hotel Room Cooking

Travel means you have to improvise sometimes. Improvisation becomes doubly important when you have a special need's child. Anyone will lives with a picky eater or someone with sensory issues knows they can have a really limited diet.

So being an experienced traveler, I usually travel with snacks, peanut butter, tea (can't live without it!) and an immersion heater.

If you don't know what an immersion heater is either I'm showing my age or you weren't raised by an Army dad.
Here's what one looks like:

It's really simple (and useful!) and I've shared some tips on what to do with them here.

I have an even more amazing piece of cookery and it's great for when you're staying at a hotel because most rooms already have one. Not a coffee pot, not a hair dryer, not even a microwave...I'm talking about an iron!

Watch my amazing IRON Chef skills in action with this ridiculous video. Also enjoy the hilarious banter between me and my hubby (aka, the camera man).

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