January 25, 2013

2012: Year in Review

2012 year in review onequartermama.ca
I say it's not too late to do a "Year in Review" sort of post. After all, 2012 was just a few weeks ago. So here's a look back at crazy 2012!

First-second quarter of 2012: The Little Man was weaned! We started in the spring and finished mid-June. He was 32.5 months. Woohoo! 

We looked into our infertility treatment options and made peace with it.

Then the Little Man got diagnosed with ASD, finally!

I got a new full time job! But there's no post about it for me to link to :(

We took a road trip to see The Wiggles for their final tour!

The Little Man then got diagnosed with apraxia and I was upset.

We all went gluten free! (More updates on that soon!)

I finally came out to his daycare worker about The Little Man's diagnoses.

We revisited fostering and are still hemming and hawwing....

We talked about goal-setting and everything we've achieved this year.

We had a crazy experience trying to find a banana on New Year's Eve.

Memories to last a lifetime! 

Is there anything special I've forgotten that you remember? What special dates in your family will remain etched in your memory from 2012?

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