February 06, 2013

Autistic Adults: Finding A Job

It seems some companies are realizing what a lot of people already knew - some people on the spectrum have highly prized skills:

The New York Times has coverage also.

Belgian company, Passwerk, employs people on the spectrum.

I think it's great and if you've ever been inside a tech company, you will be quick to be able to diagnose a whole bunch of people with ASD. I'm not saying all tech people are on the spectrum, but I think you'll find a high percentage are.

I think in the future, it makes sense to use people for their strengths and not wasting time making people do tasks they're not suited to. I think this is good for any company. There will always be a few "Jack/Jane of all trades" kind of people and they're just as needed. But for those who can specialize and are quite happy to do it, there should be a place for them! So what if his social skills aren't the best?

He's not at work to be the life of the party, he's there to find bugs in your code - bugs no one else found. That's amazing. That's a money-saver, a time-saver, and maybe even a life-saver. Some people's skills are priceless.

Who knows what the future holds for our kids? But there's always hope our Autistic children will grow into Autistic adults who can be productive members of society.

EDIT: More companies jump on board.

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