February 04, 2013

Baby Bumps

Can we all stop calling pregnant bellies "baby bumps"? One, it is not a bump, it's just pregnancy. Two, it's not a baby in there, it's a fetus! A baby is not a baby until it comes out! Call it a "Fetus belly," I don't care, but it's not a freakin' BUMP, nor a lovely lady hump. Com'on people!

If that's not bad enough, now poor Kate Middleton has a "royal bump." Oh, you make me sick.
So I'm reading this article about Kate having a walk with her royal bump (look, she's not taking a walk with it, it's simply within her body and it's a pretty normal thing for female humans to do) and when referring to a photo of her it says:

"clutched her hands protectively over her burgeoning belly"

kate onequartermama
If that is a burgeoning belly then God help us all. I don't see any buds. Hell, I don't even see any roots! And clutching protectively? Really? Where else is she supposed to put her hands while posing? Oh, I know, one on her hip and one behind her head because that's how all women are supposed to pose, duh!

Do you know what I call men who write stupid articles like this? A Royal Pain in the Ass.

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