February 11, 2013

App Review: The Wonkidos

ipad addiction going potty onequartermama

We've been working on potty training. There are lots of pictures and posts by people using the iPad and their kid's addiction to it to help make training go smoother. I am not against this. It looks silly, but I'm all for anything that WORKS. 

wonkidos going potty app review onequartermama

Enter Evan and the Wonkidos! I downloaded their Going Potty app and showed it to the Little Man. He likes it! He watches it over and over again! Oh, thank goodness!
The app was created by a mom of an autistic boy, so she knows what she's doing!

I downloaded all the others also: Getting Dressed, What To Do If You Are Lost - all excellent topics.

The fact is, he likes them and responds to them, and I think we're making progress. I liked them so much, I contacted the creator and she was kind enough to allow me to download the Visual Organizer.

Anyone with a child who craves routines knows that letting them know what will happen next in their day gives them a sense of security and control. Sometimes, they just need to be reminded what is expected of them. Having the day laid out as a visual, and not just words, means it can be used from a very young age.

There are also separate logins for adults (parents, educators) and the child, so you can communicate with each other using the same device. It's super handy.

It comes with default pictures for many activities, but you can also personalize it with your own. Overall, I found the organizer easy to use and versatile enough for many situations.

You can check out the Visual Organizer and other Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds apps here.

Thanks so much again to Tricia, first of all for creating these apps, but also for giving me the organizer for free. We really appreciate it!

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