February 12, 2013

More Funny Little Man Quotes

I just want to keep a log of all the interesting things that come out of the Little Man's mouth. After all, he's only small once and I fear I'll forget.

Here are some of the recent ones:

He called a pineapple an "apple-coney." My guess is he thought of pine cones and apples. I love it!

introducing the appleconey on onequartermama.ca

As a joke, I asked him if he'd like a peanut butter and broccoli sandwich and he said, "that would be ewwwww, mama!"

Unfortunately, he's learning some quotes from old Dr. Seuss videos, which include words like, "stupid." Luckily that hasn't popped out yet but, "get out of my way, or else!" has, which I'm not too impressed with.

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