March 18, 2013

Let's Play What's That Stain

Once a child is mobile, there are all sorts of questionable spots, liquids and stains you will find and be unsure about. That dark spot on the edge of the couch - is it drool or did a diaper leak?

I've gained enough experience to know better than to smell it to decipher it. Everything just gets cleaned.

So it's refreshing when you can ask and get an honest answer.

what's that stain
I came into the living room this morning after my shower (yes, the TV babysits while I shower) and I saw a dark spot on the carpet. He has a cold, so it could be a few things - snot, his morning Pediasure cup leaked or pee. So I asked, "what is this? Milk?" while pointing at the spot.

"No, it's pee pee," he tells me matter of factly.

Excellent! Well, that mystery was solved quickly!

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