March 15, 2013

Slowing Moving

I have been pretty scarce this week because we're working on buying a house. Or maybe I should say, "waiting" on buying a house. It's an old house, so there have been some hold ups because everyone involved wants to do independent inspections on it. Not only that, but the owner is dead, leaving us with a lot of unanswered questions - hence the inspections.

I am growing pretty exhausted with appointments, signing papers, deadlines and waiting, so that is where my energy has been going. We've all gotten sick in the last few weeks and the Little Man and Hubby are STILL coughing.

It's a lot at once, but we've been making sure to keep home life as normal as possible for the Little Man. So that's my update and where my head is at!

In the end, I am sure it will be great! We just have to slog through some mud before we get to the green grass on the other side :)

success at
I shared this on FB recently and I relate to it.

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