April 03, 2013

How To Stop Using The R-Word

I've written about why I've chosen to stop using the R-word, but I realized I didn't offer any tips to help others stop. So here are mine and I hope you join me in solidarity.

1) Understand that it hurts people.

Understand that even if you think it's funny or no big deal, it can hurt a lot of people - even people you don't see as having disabilities. Not only are some disabilities "invisible" or less obvious, but you never know if you're talking to a relative or friend of someone who may take your words to heart.

2) Catch yourself saying it

Sometimes our habits are so ingrained, we don't even realize how often certain words come out of our mouth. Engage your friends and family to help keep you on track and get them to point out every time you say it.

3) Come up with other words to use in its place

Do you use it when something is "stupid" or "ridiculous"? Use those words instead, in moderation. Improve your vocabulary so you have more words to say.

4) Start to become aware

You can use this exercise with other derogatory or dismissive words that may be in common use.  Start to build an awareness of how you may be contributing to the oppression of other people with your words. Analyse your vocabulary and take out useless and hurtful words in general. Be a better person :)

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