April 19, 2013

Jet Lagged Mama

I'm back from my vacation without the kid! One of my goals from last year has been accomplished. While my body is here, I'm not sure exactly what time zone I'm living in - still a little jet lagged, but it's ok.

It was all worth it, but also, I think anyone who has ever lived with a newborn is able to deal with jet lag. Any stretch of 3-4 hours sleep leaves me functional. lol

While I was away, we used Face Time and Skype to keep in touch - often I was able to see him morning and night and we blew kisses to each other.

Hubby did really well also. Night 5, the Little Man had a nightmare. He did the same thing last time I went away. Then he got a cold (again! urgh!). Because of the threats of nuclear war on South Korea, I decided to skip my visit there and just come back home two days early. My sick baby needed me.

I had gone with the idea in my head in the first place that if I wasn't happy, I could always come back. I think that's an important concept to keep in mind - nothing is permanent; flights can always be changed, plans can always be changed. Go and try it out and if you don't like it, come back and at least you tried!

I tried to surprise them with my earlier arrival, but I ended up arriving in Montreal later than anticipated and I didn't have my key to the house. Surprise or not, it was still nice to be home. I was happy to see them. And the extra days off of work gave me time to clean the house because it was a mess when I got back!

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