May 15, 2013

App Review - Mini Forest Flyer and Mini Sound Box

Earlier this year, I introduced you to Toca Boca, a Swedish company that makes apps we absolutely love. Since that review, we've actually downloaded more of their apps - Toca Train and Toca Store.

We can't get enough of them! Which is good since they've now teamed up with another developer and call their new partnership Sago Sago.
Together they've created two new apps:

Sago Mini Sound Box and Sago Mini Forest Flyer. I'll share the company's descriptions with you:

§  Sago Mini Sound Box engages children through visuals and sound allowing them to explore at their own pace. The app features layered functionality – kids tap to create a sound, tap in different areas to get different notes, fling them around, tilt the device and see them move, tap with multiple fingers for specially-colored balls and tap and hold for a fun surprise.  Some children find themselves repeatedly tapping and holding for the fun animations while older kids will figure out how to play a little tune like a piano.                                                          
§  Sago Mini Forest Flyer sends children on an adventure of guiding a bird to different areas on the screen to uncover fun animation sequences. The open-play environment allows kids to take the engagement in any direction or path – they are in control.  Some may gravitate to certain actions and watch them over and over, while others will treat it as a race to uncover as many animations as they can.  In nearly all cases, children will begin to narrate their activity.  
 I'll admit a little mistake now. I got free promo codes for these apps so I could review them and I got excited an downloaded them to *my* iPad. Usually, this isn't a problem and I just take them from the cloud and download them onto the Little Man's, but that didn't work, so they're stuck on mine. What I'll probably do is pay for them once they're available to the public. (Sound Box will be available May 16 and Forest Flyer on May 23)

Anyway, all this to say, I fell in love with them immediately while on my lunch break at work. I liked Forest Flyer so much, I forced a co-worker to try it out and he liked it, too! I finally let the Little Man try out Forest Flyer this evening and he explored it and laughed at the different scenarios. He played some of the same animations over and over again and laughed, so I say it's a hit.

Also, bonus for parents: these apps have no ads and no offers to make in-app purchases. It's just simple worry-free fun!

Let me know if you try out any of these apps and what you think!

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