August 29, 2013

School: Give Me A Clue

I really don't want to complain, but this is not good and I can't be the only one having issues. I am really happy the Little Man got into the school he did this year. It's a school specifically for Autistics, with a group of specialists who will "get him," I hope. He will get his speech and OT all under one roof and get to play with new friends.

This is great, for sure.

But it's hell for me.

School starts right after Labour Day, but I still don't know what time the bus is going to pick him up or drop him off. I work full time. My husband works full time. We sort of need to plan our schedules because someone needs to see him off and someone needs to be there when he gets home! I would really appreciate a bit more notice. This is the first time I'm sending a kid to school. It's not like a have a clue. I need to know the bus will pick him up, giving me enough time to get myself to work. Even Hubby will have to change his work hours to be home on time for him. I can't imagine what single parents go through!

This also isn't the first time I'm complaining about planning issues with the school and we haven't even had a first day yet!

Today, (yes, just today!) the school emails to tell me there is a possibility of before and after school care, but again, no details. What are the hours? What is the cost? How am I supposed to plan?

We have a parent-teacher meeting tomorrow (thank goodness for that if it actually provides information!) and the hour of that was also changed just this week.

Shouldn't they have enough experience working with Autistics to know that we need/crave schedules/routine? Did they forget that most parents work and can't just change things at the drop of a hat?

It's just an extra level of stress.

To add to it, Hubby is pretty sick today. He was up most of the night throwing up and we don't know why. Maybe it's the stress of the unknown. It doesn't help!

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