August 30, 2013

You Post A Pic, I Know Where You Live

I've written before about how what you post on the Internet now never really disappears, even if you erase it. I talk a lot about respecting privacy. As parents, we also want to keep our kids safe and many of us take precautions about what we post.

Did you know though, that it's easy to trace the exact location you snapped a charming picture of your little cutie through the photos you take with your smart phone?

Every time you take a smart phone pic, your geographical location gets embedded in the picture's info. There are plenty of sites on the web that detail exactly how to extract this location information. This means that when you post your beautiful treasure to the web, people are capable of tracing you back to your house address, the school your child attends, the park they like to play at, their friend's houses, etc.

shadow on pavement of
I can find you! I know where you live!
 There's a way to prevent this though!

Of course, the obvious and safest thing to do is never post your smart phone pics to the Internet.
Realistically, I know we love to share those sweet faces with the world, so you can simply change the settings in your phone so as not to track your location when you take pictures. So go get your phone and do it now before you forget!

If you have an Android Phone:
-Go to your Camera
-Go into Camera settings
-Unselect Geo-Tag
(Or if it's newer, like mine, there are no words, only what looks like an upside down teardrop symbol. If there's a bar across it, you're safe! If not, tap it to put the bar across)

If you have an iPhone or iPad:
-Go into Settings
-Select Location Services
-Slide to turn the Camera option to OFF

If you have a Blackberry: (I'm not sure about these directions since I've never owned a Blackberry. If they need editing, please leave a comment for others so they will be able to do it correctly)
-Go to Options
-Select Advanced Options
-Click on GPS
-Disable "Location Aiding Field"
-Change the service field on GPS to "location off"
-Click on Menu
-Hit Save

Maybe go through your old posted pics and take them down or change the privacy settings on whatever site they're on, if they were posted before you changed your settings. Just to be on the safe side :)

Also good to know, some sites like Facebook and Twitter remove geo-location info from your pics before posting them, however, they could change their policies at any time. You decide if  you want to trust them. I just want to give you as much info as possible. 

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