September 03, 2013

First Day of School!

The Little Man on first day of school on

My Little Man went to his first day of preschool today! He didn't cry and he ate his lunch without complaints. Or at least that's what his teacher wrote in his communication book.

He was happy, even though the bus was very delayed on the way home. Apparently another child had a melt down, so the bus did not leave on time. The Little Man got home a whole hour late. I guess that sort of thing is to be expected. It just makes for a long day for him.

He got off the bus and told Hubby the other kids should not be screaming on the bus. The bus driver said he was the only one who listened and was a very polite little boy.

Regardless, we're getting the afternoon bus changed - he is too small to be in those big seats without a seat belt. Imagine if there were an accident! In the morning he goes in a van with a booster, so we're trying to get him switched for the afternoon transport. It will be quieter for him that way also.

Otherwise, he's been a trooper (as always!) and is excited to go back. He even has homework to complete already! Geez! 

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