September 02, 2013

You Can't Cut Off Everything That Hurts

scissors on

The Little Man has a cold (again!) so this morning I asked if he has any "owies."

"Yes," he nods and points to his mouth. Which I presume means his throat. So I ask, "in your throat?" and he says, "yes, and all the way down to my penis," and traces his finger from his neck, down his belly and to his penis.

Then he adds matter of factly, "so we need to cut off my penis."


"No, we do not cut off your penis!"

Oh dear. Keep the scissors away from my child! lol

We can't just cut off things because they hurt, but I can see his logic. Sometimes I wish I could!

(P.S. I'm really proud my son says PENIS and not wee-wee or some other stupid thing)

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