September 24, 2014

Annual Birthday Party Planning

It seems that now the Little Man is getting older, I'm having more fun planning out his birthday parties. It was also part of my September goals to get this all sorted out ahead of time!

Shhhh, don't tell him anything....

This year we got a Thomas Train piñata. I still have to buy the treats to put in it.

Recently, he informed me that birthdays are like Easter, therefore we need to hide presents and eggs all over the house for him to find. This is a great idea! I get more use out of all those silly plastic eggs I bought.

Last year, I made this Angry Birds cake (recipe included for you crafty types), but this year I think I will use the same recipe and make a Thomas face to go with his piñata.

Also, I've already sorted the party out with his teacher. Last year, some other parents made cakes and just had the celebration at school. This is SO SMART! All his friends are there and no mess for me to clean up! Aside from me taking the day off work, it's cheaper than hosting a party. So I just need to bring the cake and pinata and it's done! Can't wait!

kids playing on One Quarter

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