September 26, 2014

Every City Needs A Home Like This

After many years in the making, my city has finally managed to open an emergency respite center. I don't know if any others exist, but I think everyone needs to know about this!

Parents in Montreal, take down this number and save it in your cell phone: 514 524-4141

Do it now! You never know when you might need it.

The home is called La Maison Kangourou (Kangaroo House) and will take children up to age 12, anywhere from a few hours to 15 straight days, renewable.

Please parents, if you are at your wit's end and feel you may harm your child, please take them here so you can regroup. No judgement.

They offer support and services for parents so they can get back on their feet, and in the meantime, you know your child is safe. They will make sure your child continues attending school, or taking necessary medications - whatever is needed to keep them healthy and happy.

Call them, any time, day or night!

la maison kangourou logo on One Quarter

I also think this is a valuable resource for anyone who doesn't have a giant support system and can't just drop our kid off with a relative at a moment's notice (like us). If someone happened to either Hubby or me (like a health emergency or accident), this would be the perfect place to bring the Little Man until we get ourselves back on our feet.

I think about when my dad was dying and it was difficult to get someone to watch him while I was trying to organize a funeral. This resource would have been gold back then!

Please share this and let everyone know about this place. If it prevents just one child from being hurt/abused/killed, it has done its job.

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